A man may put on a decent dress, have all the airs of a gentleman, or one of noble birth and breeding, but when a careful examination of his circumstances is made, the inquirer may have various revelations that the noble looking person, may be hopelessly involved, or most miserably situated. Appearance may often be deceptive..“, this is how grandfather of Dr. B.V. Raman, Prof. B. Suryanarain Rao describes about the strength of planets in Vargas in his Book ‘Sri Sarwarthachintamani’.Planets in Rasis are indicators of rough results. Planets in Amsas are more powerful so much so that powerful planets in Shastiamsas produce great Rajayogas and those getting weaker in amasas may lose their powers to do the same.

As per Venkatesh Daivagnya in Sri Sarwarthachintamani, ” it is better to have a debilitated planet in the Rasi and occupying an exalted Navamsa, than to have a planet in exalted Rasi and occupying a debilitated Navamsa.

The results are just opposite in both the cases.

When a certain planet is empowered in a chart by various sources of strength in astrology, it is said to produce the results of Rajayogas in a native’s life. By the term ‘Rajayoga’ in astrology means that the native will have all sorts of comforts and power that are meant to live a life easily.

Broadly speaking Rajayogas can be confined into 3 categories according to my knowledge so far–

1.. A native is born in good conditions and enjoys the fruits of Rajayoga all through his life.

2.. A native though born in humble circumstances, slowly and gradually gains position and status and reaches to a height which can be said to be enjoying the fruits of Rajayogas.(Neechabhanga Rajayogas)

3.. A native is initially born in good conditions but slowly or all of a sudden loses everything and faces loss of position and status (Rajayoga Bhangas)

There are several combinations which are stated in Books for Rajayogas. I am here confining to Neechabhangas and Rajayoga Bhangas.



“Some people who are born on the lap of misery and wretchedness, will merge into prosperity and greatness and attain to eminent distinction. Example – Napolean, a poor soldier’s son became an Emperor. Hyder, a poor Naick’s son and a cattle grazer and gardener became a great Soveriegn. Shivaji born of a commander himself of 5000 horse or Panchhazari became a great monarch. The combinations in their horoscope indicated poverty and low position at birth and greatness and prosperity later on in life. Say there is debilitated planet at the time of birth. Then his tendency would be to send the native to a low level or low position in society. But if it attains cancellation of debilitation it causes NeechaBhanga Rajayoga, the misery will disappear and prosperity will dawn.”

Now what are the conditions by which a debilitated planet attains the cancellation of debility.

The conditions are —

a..If the lord of the sign occupied by the debilitated planet or the planet who would be exalted there, occupies a quadrant from the Ascendant or the Moon. Some also say that if the lord of the Rasi where the debilitated planet gets exaltation, placed in Kendras from Ascendant or the Moon causes Neechabhanga.

b.. If the lord of the Navamsa occupied by the debilitated planet should join a quadrant or a trine from the Moon, and the Moon and lagna happen to be in Chara or Movable signs or lagna navamsa happens to be movable.

c.. If two or three or four planets happen to be debilitated but occupy good Shashtyamsas or favourable and good Navamsas or exalted Navamsas, the evil arising from debilitation will not come to pass.

d.. If the debilitated planet has good Ashtakavarga strength then again the same can be told.

e.. When a planet is in debilitation but with bright rays, or retrograde, and occupies favourable positions and vargas, Neechabhanga Rajayoga is caused.

f.. Planets in debilitated Rasis should occupy exaltation Navamsas, cause Neechabhanga.


a.. When planets in exalted Rasis occupy debilitated Navamsas.

b.. The lords of Aroodha Lagna and Aroodha Dwadasa be in Conjunction.

c.. The ascendant being Leo, Saturn must be in exaltation occupying a debilitated Navamsa or aspected by benefics.

d.. The Sun occupying the 10th degree of Libra can cause Rajabhrashta yoga.

e.. When an exalted planet aspects another exalted planet, the Ucchs bhanga is caused.

f.. Raja bhanga is also caused by the lords of 6th , 8th and 12th houses when they accompany the Rajayoga causing planets.

Now for a student of astrology, the problem lies in how to estimate the strength of planets in a given horoscope. This is the skill which is much sought for.

Generally people understand that if a planet is exalted in Rasi Chart it is capable of providing the results of Rajayogas and if it is in a state of debilitation it causes one to face the results just the reverse. But astrology is not that simple. That is only a superficial knowledge. If you just hold on to a single sloka from Sastras, you will not arrive at a good conclusion; many time just the reverse of it. To become a good astrologer or need to understand what astrology is, we need to grasp all the rules and regulations slowly and gradually and then apply all of them as a whole.

Generally it is prescribed to look into shodashvargas to guage the strength of a planet but if you limit to Sapthavargas, enough information can be collected about that. That means you have to see all seven kinds of Vargas or sub-divisions (Rasi, Hora, Drekkana, Sapthamsa, Navamsa, Dwadasamsa, and Thrimsamsa) before coming to a conclusion – up to what extent a planet is fit for producing Rajayoga or causing just Rajayoga Bhanga.

Only when the planet has no Varga strength (Sapthavarga etc), the evils arising from that source will afflict the native.

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  1. Namasthey ..,
    my name is Jith born in Kerala
    Dob :- 04-09-1976
    time :- 00:45 am
    place :- Thiruvananthapuram Kerala
    sir.., now am 36 and for the past 8 years am passing through hard times . Astrologers said that it’s due to my neecha bhanga raja yoga . When shall this will pass sir.?
    Also I like to know whether I have Kala Sarpa Dosha ( Rahu-Ketu dosha )
    Om namah shivaaya

  2. hello
    i was reading your post on neech bhang raj yoga till now i was thinking i had this yog in my 10th house by mangal , now iam totaly unsure . if u can clear it to me if i have it or not will be thankful .
    new delhi

    thankyou & many good wishes

    • well i dont have knowledge of astrology but i do find it intresting & while reading some post i came to know tha mars being in 10th house is considered good but in my case it is in neech avastha & retrogate as well. so consulted som1 and i was told that its making neech bhang raj yoga ,but after reading your post and seeing my life and carrier i thought either its getting canceled or not even there or its too weak to give results .thats why i asked you as the expert .
      thanks for replying

      good wishes

    • Yes, you do have Neechbhanga Rajayoga, due to Venus being in Kendra for the Sun in debilitation. You did not mention your place of birth.
      Thanks and Regards,
      Trilok khare.

  3. Hai sir , can you please tell is there neecha bhangha in navamasa

    Birth time and place

    1.04 pm
    Alwaye , kerala

  4. Nameste Sir,
    My Dob: 23/04/1978, Tob:05.55 pm, Pob : Bangalore.
    Sir, I think I have neecha bhanga yoga but is neechabangah raja yogas. pls predict my future.

    • There are two planets in debilitation signs. One is Mars, which obtains distinct cancellation due to the Moon. The other is Mercury, which is though retrograde has not enough strength. It has Parivatana Yoga with Jupiter placed in the Nineth House. In Ashtakvarga Bindus Mercury obtains 7 Bindus, which is good for its Dasa. So Mercury though may not give bad results but may also not give good results. In this way it does not have cancellation of debility.

      Thank you for writing.

  5. sir ,lagna capricorn , sun and venus in libra(24/25) degrees with neechabhanga rajayoga mercury and mars aspected jupiter frm aquarius .

    saturn in gemini 6 th and rahu in aroodha lagna and 12 lord jupiter in aquarius 3 rd frm 12 th ,i,e dwadasa aroodha aries 3 rd frm 2 nd
    aroodha lagna lord and dwadasa lagna lord both are mars for me whats the result as both conjunction will spoil rajayoga,wts the result when the both the planet is same?
    kindly let me knw the result.
    rgds ravee

  6. Hello Sir,
    My Dob: 06/03/1983 Tob: 20:09, Pob: Dombivli, Maharashtra
    Sir, I am very frustrated with my life. Do I have any good yogas?
    Thank you

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